We are a bold and subversive Christian movement of intersectional queer glory: healing and working towards robust justice for all. 
Mostly on colleges.
Kinda everywhere. 



Unicorns are, frankly, the perfect queer icon: magical entities that must hide in plain sight for fear of their true identity being discovered. The idea of the unicorn simultaneously evokes carefree whimsy and self-aware irony; femme power and masc beauty; pagan ideology and Christian imagery; subversiveness and boldness.

So the unicorn is an ideal mascot for Brave Commons, an image around which students can rally in support of their LGBTQ peers.

This particular unicorn design is modeled after the design made by Brave Commons students during their first retreat, centering the work of the students even within the brand of this organization. The geometric shape is minimalist, modern and fun–evoking the
idea of the unicorn rather than explicitly showing a unicorn illustration. Unlike the blue outline design of the rest of the symbol, the horn is lled with a pastel pink, calling attention to this key part of the unicorn: the part that separates it from normal horses, the part that–legends say–contains its magic. 


Whether on Christian colleges and universities, churches throughout the country, or in your local neighborhoods, we invite you to partner with us in provoking a biblically rooted movement of faith and justice to the world. We believe that the message of Jesus is one of hope, love, mercy, inclusion, and radical restorative justice. 

Will you join us? 

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