Manuscript Study

Join us in a manuscript study. Read the text without numbers, section breaks, or titles, as seen in the link(s) below. During a manuscript study (inductive study), pay attention to these three parts: Observation, Interpretation, and Application. Consider the following questions as you take in the text, noting things that stand out to you, are triggering or hard to read, or feel particularly important. 

1. Observation: What does the passage say?

Take in the text - what is happening, who is present, what is the story? Are there themes, characters, actions that come up repeatedly?

2. Interpretation: What does the passage mean?

Sit with the text - does this reading reference any other parts of the Bible you've heard before? Do the themes speak to what the message of the overall story is? What is the story/character/action trying to convey? 

3. Application: How does the meaning apply to me?

Sit with your story - How does the text and its meaning feel in the context of your own story; unfair, sad, hopeful, exciting, confusing? Are there experiences in your life that came up when you read this passage? How do you experiences connect (or not connect) to what is happening?

As you take the time to read through the text, remember that it is okay to step away if something hurts. Healing from the wounds of spiritual trauma is an ongoing process, and we pray that this study may allow you space to engage with the text in new ways, and with community that affirms your body, your experience, and your humanity. 

We love you, and pray for life and truth to cover you as you enter these studies - even, and especially if, you must step away from the text as you enter into it, and come to understand the weight it bears from the pain of our past, and the freedom it holds in the hope of our future.

Grace and peace.


What passages have we studied?

John 6

Mark 7