The Goal

The work of Brave Commons has varied from college to college. On some campuses, we have curated spaces meant specially to address spiritual trauma and pastoral considerations. At other campuses, the needs students brought forth were desires to make public statements via sit-ins or demonstrations to bring attention to abuses or toxic rhetoric and abusive theology.

Across the board, Brave Commons has been an intersectional grass roots movement that has grounded itself in the fundamental truth that all are made in the beautiful, radiant, and wonderful Image of God. 

We serve, therefore, as ambassadors of hope.

The Work

Hear about Brave Commons’ specific news, along with updates on LGBTQ+ student movements at Christian colleges across the country.


EMAIL Template to Demand APU Response (to Student + BC Petition, and Online Petition).

November 2018

APU Students & Brave Commons Petition, Addressed to Azusa Pacific Board of Trustees

(Sign the petition HERE.)