Embodying Advent Series

25: Embodying Belonging

Lectionary Reading:

Mark 5:22-24, 35-42


Friends, as we are far or near biological family, I pray that you know this is not the only story written. I pray that you know this is not the only rejection or acceptance you will know. I pray that you know, though some may only see one way, the God, the Universe, the Divine fulfillment of peace, not only affirms and celebrates you where you are, the One who made the stars also sees where you are going. And They sit with you in the pain, in the isolation, or in the celebration - and they also see what is coming. They anticipate what will be, and sit with you in what is.

Jesus in this passage says “Talitha cum” [or “Talitha koum” in other translations] to a girl who was dead. I have felt this verse to be the truest example of my relationship with God in different seasons of my life. Moments of isolation, of pain, of injustice and deep loneliness, all met with the voice and whisper of a God, a Divinity, a Hope that said to me “Talitha koum”, or “Little girl, I say to you, get up”.

It was a God, an in-flesh Divinity sitting in my very bones, that saw my pain, saw my isolation, saw my fear - and it held it all - while at the same, telling me there was more to come. Friends, when God calls us to get “up”, know that God is not ignoring your state of exhaustion, or fear, or pain. Know that God is speaking into existence all the potential that God knows exists, and is coming, with your very existence.

Be loved. Belong. Be hopeful. Even and amidst challenges that you cannot see past. Know that we sit with you in this time where isolation can be great, but you are not alone; we are with you, we see you, and we cover you in prayer, we bathe in a Spirit of Justice and Love, that will see to your thriving, and your joy.

You are with us today, who are a family that expands and transcends the pain, even as we must - and are bound - to feel it, fully.

We love you. We praise God for the incarnation of Divinity that is present in you, always. We draw near in this time that can open to deep sadness, and pray for a spark of hope, joy, and peace.

Grace and peace.

We are with you.