No Stone Shall Remain


Lectionary Reading:

1 Samuel 1:4-20

1 Samuel 2:1-10

Mark 13:1-8


The promise is this: no stone shall remain.

Every empire shall fall. Every stone that has upheld the structures of white supremacy, of cis-hetero patriarchy, of anti-blackness, and of colonial capitalism will fall. Jesus is not impressed by the massive buildings in Jerusalem. He is not impressed by the beauty of their structure, the magnitude of the size, the expansiveness of the power that they represent. No. Jesus is not impressed by empire. Jesus has come to tear empire down. Jesus has come with the promise that every stone that has advanced oppression, that has plagued and cursed the land, that has spit in the face of the divine beauty of all creation, will fall. We may not see it all come to pass in our day, but I can promise you this, the day is coming, and indeed it is near, where every single one of these structures will be torn down. Hannah sings of the day that is to come. We can join her in song, knowing that our fight may be today, but a tomorrow is coming where there will be no more fighting for freedom, for freedom will have finally come. We can boldly stare, like Jesus, into the face of the monstrosities of this world and declare with our mouths that truly a day is coming, where these structures of evil will no longer be, and in that day there will be no more mourning, no more weeping. We will be free to dance without fear. Until that day, let us dance with courage, in the tension of knowing that, in the words of Angela Davis, freedom is a constant struggle, but also, in the words of the Psalmist, that we will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.

Go in strength and beauty,


Co-Executive Director, Brave Commons


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